Tuesday, December 16, 2008

X'mas Cupcakes!


As X'mas is just around the corner you have to start thinking about what special for the celebrations. Don't think! But just grab de`HearT special cupcakes for X'mas. Either for your family or as a gift... it's just perfect!

X'mas Cupcakes Promotions
(only available until 27th Dec 2008)
25pcs small cupcakes for only RM35 or
16pcs large cupcakes for only RM50
Pack in window white box with ribbon
(Additional RM4 for personalised gift card)

X'mas Cupcakes tier Promotions

Dress up your X'mas party celebration with X'mas grooviest cupcakes tier! This cupcakes tier can display up to 50pcs small cupcakes or 30pcs large cupcakes. The sample below is just the very basic decoration tier (ohh! i don't have enuff time to make the decoration yet.. just to give you rough idea how it will look like)... The cupcakes tier will be decorated with more X'mas decorations. Just add RM20 for 2 tier or RM30 for 3 tier cupcakes stand! And believe me, these will be your most memorable X'mas celebration!
How to order?

1. Choose the flavour: Vanilla choc chip / Choc Fudge / Gingerbread (really nice!! with combination of cinnamon and ginger aroma)
2. Choose the design: X'mas design 1 / X'mas design 2 / X'mas design 3
3. Email me detail as below:-
Your Name:
Your Contact No:
Preffered date to pick up / deliver:
Preffered time to pick up / deliver:
Quantity:____ box
Cupcakes size: Small / Large
Flavour: Vanilla choc chip / Choc Fudge / Gingerbread
X'mas Design: X'mas design 1 / X'mas design 2 / X'mas design 3
Anything else to add:
(For delivery, please check delivery rate & time here: http://kekcawan.blogspot.com/2007/07/delivery-service.html)

I will reply to your order within 48 hours. Please wait for your order confirmation email before making any payments.


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