Friday, February 06, 2009

V-Day Special

I have received lots of email asking me about V-day special...but i have to decline from accepting the orders coz my schedules are very pack starting from 13-15 February. So today, after a long discussion with my helper, i decided to open some order for V-day! Great news huh? :) For now, i don't have the design to publish yet. However, i will try my very best to put it up here very soon. If anyone seriously want to order this V-day special, u may email me and book yours first. Most probably, i will only accept 4 or 5 orders only. So hurry! Just shoot me an email :)

Qasieh.. a very nice name and a very sweet young girl.. She ordered lots of cupcakes for doorgift, fondant cakes & cupcakes for hantaran on 25.12.2008 (yeah! sorry.. it was 2 month ago and i just got time to upload the photos now.. my bad :p ) To Qasieh, thank you very much and jaga diri bebaik.. tak lama lagi dah nak naik pelamin pula kan :)

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