Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Launching: Mini Choc Cake Ball

Attention to all chocolate lovers!

You know when that craving hits! It's that need for the taste, texture and satisfaction. It can strike at any instant, and usually, if you're a chocolate lover - or, what others would call a chocoholic- you'll be more than willing to indulge your cocoa desires."MINI CHOC CAKE BALL - Chocolate cake in a bite size!" A very tasteful and perfect chocolate that you can't resist at all! Suitable for any occcasions such as doorgift, birthday, wedding, corporate gift, get-to-gather party or just to complete your chocolate craving hits.


Plain Chocolate
Small Pack: 20 pcs - RM10

Big Pack: 50 pcs - RM25

Chocolate Chip Filling
Small Pack: 20pcs - RM12

Big Pack: 50pcs - RM30

Raisins & Nuts Filling
Small Pack: 20pcs - RM12
Big Pack: 50pcs - RM30

6pcs pack in transparent box and tied with ribbon
Plain Chocolate: RM4
With any filling: RM4.50
Minimum order: 50 packs

To enquiries and orders, please email me at deheart[at]

Chocoholic! Indulge yourself without feel guilty!

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