Friday, July 13, 2007

Office Mix Combo Set

Thank you pada staffs from I-power & Stardard Chartered (Teknology Park) yang order Office Mix Combo Set!!! Thanks to Juanita & Intan yang bersungguh² promote kat officemate.

For those yang interested to have this Office Mix Combo Set, it's contain of 1 pc vanilla oreo crunch, 1 pc vanilla blueberry filling, 1 pc vanilla strawberry filling and 1 pc moist choc at only RM8 per box. It's all 4 pcs in one box. Minimum order per office / location is 12 box. No delivery chargers. So, kalau ada sesapa berminat nak join / order this combo, please email me. Will discuss further.

Order sehingga 22th July dah closed. 27 - 29 July juga closed.
Thank you for all my customers from May - July (tak dapat nak mention nama sorang² kat sini. dah lost track) Thanks for all the support!! Muahz!!

More cupcakes photos at de`HearT @ Flickr

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