Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Baby Cupcakes!

Finally it's on the menu! BABY CUPCAKES!
The size is approximately 2.5cm in height and 5cm in diameter.
For this pre-sale, I'm offering 2 different flavours and 2 different designs for each flavor.

50 pcs of Vanilla Choc Chip
Normal Price: RM38
Promotion Price: RM34
Design: CC1 / CC2

50 pcs of Moist Choc with Choc Ganache
Normal Price: RM44
Promotion Price: RM40
Design: MC1 / MC2

Promotion price only valid until 20th August 2007.
Hurry! Place your order now by email me at deheart@gmail.com

More updated photos at de`Heart @ Flickr

(click the image below to enlarge)

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