Thursday, March 01, 2007

New Kitchen

Pheww!! Finally i've managed to call a house of my own - an apartment with 3 bedroom, a very comfortable space for my only son and I to live in . It has been a very tiring and busy week for me since the last 2 weeks; with all the great orders for CNY, Valentine's, and favours all around.

And now, just getting back in a safe and sound mode, i'm now all ready to start with my favourite pastime - cake baking! Well as for now, everything of that business will be made in my new, yet not-so-complete kitchen! Nevertheless, just as fresh as the house, one good thing living in this small house, i am able to do some sort of multitasking - baking the cake while putting my other eye on my son, monitoring him while he's too preoccupied with his world of toys!
In other words, although i'm having some sort of rough time with my baking, i still could steal some of that time for him, my beloved son.

Allright, let's get back to my baking story. So far, March Promotion has never been so great! My days now are getting more excited and flourished!
As for those who are about to place their order, i think i owe them thousand of apologies as i have to announce that from today until 16th March, I'm so out of hand to take anymore orders. And do kindly bear in mind, that for or those who want to place their orders right after 16th, I do need one week notice, to catch up with the existing orders.

As you all know, I'm doing baking as a part time job and do have my own permanent job to focus on during the day. The only time i do have to bake is at night and i really hope this will explain why sometimes i have to refuse to take orders. Although i always promise to serve the best for my customers, yet i won't say things that i can't fulfill.

and here you go! My first cake that i've baked from my new kitchen, a 2.5kg Moist Choc cake ordered by my Relationship Manager, Lata for celebrating the year end book program for 2006. Thanks so much Lata!!!

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