Tuesday, March 20, 2007

New Fresh Flavours!


Okai..since I'm quite busy, just wanna post some updates:-

From April onwards, there will be NO strawberry, mocha and cream cheese filling cupcakes available. There will be new fresh flavours. I'm also taking orders for big cakes! Here are the flavours and prices:-

Moist Chocolate Cake = RM2.50 pcs
Lemon Cream Cheese Cake = RM2.50 pcs
Orange Cake = RM2.00 pcs
Vanilla Cake with blueberry filling = RM2.00 pcs
(minimum order is 24 pieces per flavour)
(Choices of frosting: french buttercream, lemon cream cheese, melt chocolate)

1.5Kg of Moist Chocolate Cake = RM40.00
1Kg of Lemon Cream Cheese Cake = RM40.00
1Kg of Orange Butter Cake = RM35.00
(Choices of frosting: french buttercream, lemon cream cheese, melt chocolate)

Chocolate topping = RM15.00
Blueberry topping = RM15.00
(minimum order is 2 pieces)

I'll be announcing APRIL PROMO soon.. Very soon..!

I would like to give a very big thank you to all who had ordered from me. Very nice lovely customers and friends you all!

Ezan (u're so sweet!) - for her bestfren Azrena (MMU)
Raveena (Cyberjaya)- for her fren's birthday
SHELL (Cyberjaya) - for farewell and welcoming event? *Bon Voyage tini! Sob! Sob! Sob!!*
Wayda (Gombak) - for her baby's full month
Farah (MidValley) - for her sister's birthday

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